Mater Hospital Pastoral and Spiritual Care

Mater Pastoral and Spiritual Care

Our Team

Pastoral and Spiritual Care staff professionals are an integrated part of the Mater interdisciplinary team, offering every patient, as well as close family/caregivers, thoughtful, sensitive and relevant emotional and/or spiritual support.

Being in hospital can be an emotional experience. Pastoral and Spiritual Care staff provide a professional and confidential space where your experience of illness and hospitalisation can be shared and understood.

Pastoral and Spiritual Care staff can listen to your fears, worries, hopes and dreams, and can provide support during times of grief and loss. Our Team can help you find meaning in your situation and help assist you with any practical matters.

Pastoral and spiritual care can be contacted by calling 9900 7688 or 8392 from the bedside phone. A nurse can contact the Pastoral and Spiritual Care team on your behalf.

Religious Support Services

The Chapel is open 24 hours a day and all are welcome. It can be used for quiet individual or group prayer, as well as meditation or reflection.

It is located on the ground floor near the main hospital entrance.

Catholic Mass celebrated in the Chapel on Sunday, and our weekday Masses are telecast live on Channel 115
Catholic Sacramental needs of patients, including the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick (Last Rites) can be met by our Hospital Chaplain.

Other religious chaplains and denominational leaders are welcome to visit patients. If you require assistance, please contact our Pastoral and Spiritual Care team on 9900 7688 or 8385 (hospital extension).
Holy Communion may be received by Catholic patients in patient rooms by hospital Extraordinary Ministers
Please contact the Pastoral and Spiritual Care team for alternative denominational ministers on 9900 7688 or 8385 (hospital extension).
Baby Blessings celebrate the birth of your infant at the Mater and occur either in hospital rooms or in the Whelan Lounge.

Please contact the Pastoral and Spiritual Care team for more information, on extension 8385 (from a bedside phone) or 9900 7688.

Wellbeing Support Services

Group Mindful Relaxation is facilitated by one of our Pastoral and Spiritual staff. All patients and visitors are welcome to attend. Sessions run for approximately twenty minutes. Please consult your nurse before attending. Sessions are held weekly. To join in, call our Pastoral and Spiritual Care on 9900 7688.

Audio-visual Relaxations

The Mater Hospital has developed two audio-visual relaxation programs as part of our holistic approach to healthcare. Being in hospital can be unsettling. Mindful Relaxation and The Stillness Within Relaxation videos can help to enhance sleep, provide a sense of inner wellbeing and self-worth, and help to alleviate emotional and physical pain.

Both videos are available on our in-house TV channels 112 and 113 or they can be downloaded for free (see below)

Mindful Relaxation

Stillness Within Relaxation

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