Sports-related injuries

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Physical activity and sports participation are encouraged by all health care professional as it creates positive effects on mental and physical health. However, sports-related injury is very common. Therefore, it’s important to incorporate the injury prevention method throughout any sporting journey. 

With the help from St Vincent’s Private Hospital Werribee’s Senior Physiotherapist, Tom - in sharing some insights and tips to stay safe during a sporting season.

What are some common sporting injuries?

Most common sporting injuries are to do with the hip, knee, and ankle. 

To narrow down to the specifics, it would be hamstring strain near the hip; ACL rupture to the knee as well as various strains and sprains around the ankle

How to prevent common injuries

The best way to prevent sports-related injuries is with a good warmups and versatile training routine throughout the season.

Some of the risk factors can easily be reduced through game-specific training tasks. Some of these training tasks should include:

  • Running and especially high-speed running, changing direction or agility drills 
  • Strengthening type exercises such as lunges, and arabesque type exercise (squats and deadlifts)

How to Warm up to reduce the risk of Injury


Some examples of injury-reducing warmups can include doing dynamic stretches like lunges, arabesque exercise, leg swing exercise, and sumo squats just to name a few.

Doing these types of dynamic exercises can help prepare and strengthen your joints, to increase stability when applied in a high-impact movement.

Training Tips

Make a conscious effort to complete some training drills at maximum capacity instead of running through the motions. The main key is consistency; consistent use of muscles when used during training and game day. 

Injuries often occur when people are exerting themselves at maximum capacity during game day. 

Always remember that a good warmup and good training regime is the best way to prepare your body for the sport that you're going to be competing in

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