New Rezum therapy helps common problem

In mid July, urologist Dr Devang Desai performed the first Rezum therapy in a private hospital on the Darling and Southern Downs.

Toowoomba local, Colin Kessler, was able to receive the Rezum therapy for benign prostate enlargement. This therapy uses the thermal energy from steam to target extra prostate tissue causing it to shrink. Rezum is an alternative to taking long-term medication and doesn't involve any cutting. It is a less invasive procedure which can help men retain their sexual function and is also a less invasive treatment for those with health concerns. 

“Symptoms of benign prostate enlargement can include frequent or urgent urination, weak or hesitant urine stream or inability to completely empty the bladder,” said Dr Desai, who has a special interest in minimally invasive urology. He is elated to include Rezum to St Vincent’s suite of Urology services and procedures. 

“Many men discard the symptoms thinking they are a normal part of getting older, but they can be treated by talking to your GP.” 

Colin was delighted with the result, “I am very grateful to Dr Desai. He is a very talented man,” said Colin.

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