Transforming our patient and clinician experience

Our Pre-Admission Clinic

Dr Elisabeth Ripp, Breast Surgeon

Improving our Pre-Admission Clinic to ensure our patients are well prepared for surgery

At St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney, our Pre-Admission Clinic is an important step to prepare you for surgery. It may involve some medical tests and assessments, but it is also an opportunity for our nurses to answer any questions you may have about your admission. This could be any pre-existing health conditions or allergies, current medications, dietary requirements or any concerns you have about your care after leaving hospital.

Patient-centred care is at the heart of what we do and our Pre-Admission Clinic is important to ensure we meet your needs prior to surgery, during your stay and after surgery. Our Pre-Admission team play an important role in ensuring you are fit for surgery and your hospital stay, including collating important information from your surgeon and their practice so that you are adequately assessed and navigated to the most appropriate care. 

Our Pre-Admission Clinic is part of our commitment to support you every step of the way. As part of this, we are always looking at ways to refine our patient experience and the way we work with you to better meet your needs.

Over the past few weeks, we have transformed our Pre-Admission Clinic and established new systems and processes that have enhanced the way we work with you and your families. Some of these include improvements in technologies and new tools that ensure you are appropriately assessed prior to surgery.

Even in the early stages, we have experienced significant improvements for our patients. As our Continuum of Care – Manager, Thelma said, “We are already seeing improved and more focused care, improved safety and patient experience – everyone’s lives are better.”

Anaesthetist, Dr Simon Adamo, has also seen enhancements in streamlining the admission process, 

"I believe that the proposed changes represent an opportunity to enhance the Pre-Admission experience for our patients. It may also represent a chance for some practices to streamline the admission process whilst supporting safe, high quality care under a model which meets best practice in Australian private hospitals. The changes will allow anaesthetists good information in a timely fashion allowing each of us to better manage our patients and our own practice whilst providing an improved service to surgeons." Dr Simon Adamo, Head of Department Anaesthesia 

Our Pre-Admission Clinic is just one aspect of our commitment to meet your individual needs, goals and preferences. At St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney, our strong values underpin our focus on patient-centred care and influence the decisions we make to improve our services. This transformation has enabled us to provide better, more focused care, expanded our services and improved patient safety and experience.

Better and fairer care. Always.

In a rapidly transforming world, St Vincent's has created a refreshed vision and strategy to help shape Australia's health and aged care future.