Sports Injuries: Hand, Wrist and Elbow

St Vincent's Private Werribee

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Werribee had the pleasure to work closely with Mr Andy Ang Upper Limb Orthopaedic Surgeon; who specialises in elbow, wrist, and hand surgery in developing injury prevention education sessions to be shared with the sporting community in Melbourne West. 

Sports enrich our life and give us the psychological and emotional benefits to keep fit, energized, and keeping us healthy! But at times it comes with a risk of injury” – said Mr Andy Ang

Mr Andy Ang has outlined common sports-related injuries and injuries management.

Types of Sports Injuries

Hand, wrist, and elbow injuries are very common in sports-related activities. These types of injuries can be broadly divided into 2 categories, traumatic and overuse. 

Acute Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic or acute injuries are usually due to a significant amount of impact with an object, whether it’s direct contact with an opponent, a ball, or equipment. Sports such as rugby, football, soccer, basketball, hockey or even cricket can lead to acute injuries.

Chronic Overuse Injuries

Chronic injuries or overuse injuries are types of stress-related or stress-induced injuries. These are commonly due to repetitive motions’ dislocation and fractures. Such as tennis or golfer's elbow, TFCC injuries, trigger finger, degenerative arthritis.

What to do if you have injured your hand, wrist or elbow?

We’ve heard about the concept of RICE in the past

Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. 

Mr Andy Ang would like to share a new concept, which he called: SCREAM. 

Stop what you're doing.  Call for help. Rest by supporting your injured arm by either splinting or a sling.  Elevation by keeping the injured arm; above heart level. Ask for medical referral and medications such as painkillers. 

Identified early, these types of injuries can easily be treated. Any delay in diagnosis, can lead to complicated treatment options.


To find out more about Mr Andy Ang click here.

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