Who's helping our heroes?

St Vincent's Foundation Queensland

Christmas is coming up and will be here before we know it. During this time, I like to reflect on what has happened over the last couple of years and be grateful of the support that we all have received.


One of the biggest impacts that has affected everyone world-wide was COVID -19.  We all know someone that has been impacted by it.  Lock-downs and restrictions were just the start.  But Hospitals and Aged Care facilities were hit very hard, but still stayed opened and our staff continued to show the care and compassion that we are famous for.  Yes, they are heroes for what they do, but the question come up, who’s helping our heroes?


The below story will let you know about the help our St Vincent’s Care  staff did receive from the community. We cannot thank them enough for what they did. Please enjoy.      

Despite the terrible impact of COVID-19 on the aged care sector, St Vincent’s Care aged care staff have held firm. 


Whether it has been a facility manager, a care support worker, a lifestyle coordinator or a nurse, kindness has been the prevailing theme of the past two years. No matter what, St Vincent’s staff have stood firm in their protection and support of the St Vincent’s resident community.

They have worked countless hours far beyond the call of duty to keep residents safe. They have endured COVID tests day after day and (at times), missed time off work to make sure COVID stayed out of their places of work and residents’ homes.

While water levels rose in their own homes during the floods, they stayed at aged care homes and kept residents safe. Office workers answered the call to support staff by giving up their weekend to help evacuate aged care residents during the floods. They kept an open line of communication with families sending over 159,000 emails, 292,000 SMS and answering over 71,000 calls (2020-2021).  


They organised direct phone lines for families to lifestyle teams to help them conduct FaceTime calls, phone calls and anything else to keep them connected. 

But truthfully, while many have received their praise for being so stoic and resilient, two years of a pandemic has been far from easy. You can only spend so much time having others as your focus before you need some time to look after yourself.   

So, it begs the question: who’s helping the heroes? 


There has been one bright spot that has helped ease the burden. And it is one that popped up when it was needed most, the kindness of the St Vincent’s community. 

  • School kids armed with smiles, cards, and treats for residents that may not have any family of their own 
  • Family and loved ones volunteering to help with activities and support St Vincent’s staff 
  • Comments from strangers online offering their support for staff through social media 
  • Loving husbands, wives, children, and friends who have been there to support their loved ones working in aged care 
  • Those who have made a gift to help our aged care residents

Navigating the path through COVID has not been easy. But it has been helped significantly by the kindness of friends, families, loved ones and even people who have never met our residents and staff before. For every healthcare hero in aged care, there was another outside of aged care that had their backs.

It was the quiet hand from the St Vincent’s community reaching out to offer support that has helped keep our staff going – that has made their efforts feel worthwhile and has made them feel that they, like our residents, are not alone.


Thank you to everyone that has been a part of supporting our people. Whether you have been loud or quiet about it, we see and appreciate you and what you’ve done. Your continued support will help our family be there to help others. 



Better and fairer care. Always.

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