Mater Patient Resources

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Brochures and fact sheets

We encourage you to use these patient resources to help you learn more about your care in hospital, your medical condition(s), your procedure, how you can stay safe in hospital and our hospital services.

Our most popular and important resources are translated into a variety of languages. You are welcome to download and print the brochures and fact sheets for your own personal use.

The Australian Charter of Health Care Rights

Do you know your healthcare rights? This video provides an overview of the second edition of the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights which describes what you or someone you care for can expect when receiving healthcare in Australia.

For more information about your healthcare rights, speak to your doctor or healthcare services or visit here.

Goals of Care

Our healthcare team will ask about your goals of care. It is important our team understands what is important to you. Please watch this short video which will further assist you to identify goals whilst in our care.

Mindful Relaxation

The experience of illness can impact on a person's physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Mindful Relaxation has been developed as a part of our holistic approach to patient care. It is a relaxation technique offered to patients who, for various reasons, may be experiencing anxiety, stress or sleeplessness. Click here to download.

The Stillness Within

The second edition of Mindful Relaxation, developed by Christina D'Albora from Pastoral Care at the Mater Hospital Sydney, September 2019. Click here to download.

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