Special care nurseries

When newborns need extra care, we’re there to support them

St Vincent’s Private Hospitals offer a wide range of special care nursery related services, for details of the special care nursery services at your local St Vincent’s Private Hospital, click here.

Family-centred care, tailored to your baby’s changing needs

Some babies need an extra bit of care to ensure they get the best start in life. They may be premature, have a low birth weight, are part of a multiple birth, or have health issues. 

Health issues that often affect newborns and require admission to a special care nursery include jaundice, low blood sugar or temporary breathing problems.

Our special care nurseries look after these babies. We provide an environment that supports your baby’s optimum growth and development. Care is tailored to the needs of each baby to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Your special care nursery team

Our special care nurseries are staffed by neonatologists, paediatricians, neonatal intensive care nurses and midwives who work together to support you and your family.

Caring for your baby

Our special care nursery team:

  • Consults with families whose babies have been identified during pregnancy as having conditions that may require specialist management during or soon after birth
  • Assesses babies in the hospital's maternity wards

Not all services are available in all hospitals.

Will my private health insurance cover this?

We advise that you check with your health fund to make sure it includes cover for admission to the special care nursery. Depending on your insurer and your level of health insurance, an excess for your baby may apply, in addition to your own insurer excess.


This information is of a general nature, which may not be relevant to you. Any surgery or invasive procedure carries risk. We encourage you to speak with your doctor about your condition.

Find a hospital near you offering a special care nursery

The Mater Hospital is a leading private hospital renowned for its quality care and compassion. We take a holistic approach to healthcare and acknowledge the uniqueness of every patient to create a healing environment that is second to none.

The Mater Hospital is the only private hospital in Sydney with a Level 4 special care nursery.

Our special care nursery is staffed by a full time neonatologist and neonatal intensive care trained nurses which is rare within a private hospital facility. The nursery has 14 private rooms which allows for some much needed privacy and bonding time between parents and newborns.


The special care nursery is a secure unit and can only be accessed with a security card.

There is a limit of 2 visitors per room. All visitors must wash their hands and be accompanied by at least one parent when entering the special care nursery.

Children under 12, who are not siblings, are not permitted in the nursery, to avoid infection risk.

Mobile phones should be switched off in the special care nursery as they may interfere with medical equipment.

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Sometimes, babies need a little bit of extra care and attention.

Our 12 cot Nursery has advanced modern equipment to ensure we can care for your baby if they need some additional support. Rated a Level 5 Special Care Nursery, our very experienced neonatal paediatricians and nursing staff will provide your baby with outstanding care and attention. Because our Nursery is so well equipped, we regularly care for babies with complex care needs, babies born prematurely (from 32 weeks) and also multiple births.

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Our Special Care Nursery is specially designed and equipped to care for babies who require special care, observation and treatment. A team of expert specialists, nurses, midwives, paediatricians and allied health professionals are on hand to care for these little patients.

We offer individual, family-centred care for each baby and care is tailored to the individual needs of each baby to ensure the best possible outcomes. We seek to provide an environment that supports the infant’s continued growth and development.

While your baby may be classified as a nursery baby, wherever possible, and depending on your baby’s condition, your baby may remain in your room, returning to the nursery for treatment. This will increase your confidence in caring for your baby. 

Costs for special care 
Please note that if your baby is admitted to the nursery, your child will be considered a hospital inpatient and further costs will be incurred. 

We advise that you check with your health fund to clarify your level of cover. Depending on your insurer and your level of health insurance, an excess for your baby may apply, in addition to your own insurer excess. 
Fees from the attending paediatrician may also be charged if your baby or babies are admitted to the nursery. Please check with your health insurer about these costs. 

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