Mr John (Jack) T Kennedy


Languages: English


  • Ear Nose & Throat (Otolaryngology)

St Vincent’s Private Hospital East Melbourne, VIC

Suite 90
166 Gipps Street
East Melbourne VIC 3002

T: (03) 9416 1222

F: (03) 9417 5216


Mr John (Jack) Kennedy is a Melbourne-based ENT surgeon specialising in paediatric ear, nose and throat surgery. He ensures the families and carers of his young patients are fully informed about his suggested treatment plans.

Mr John (Jack) Kennedy is a highly experienced Melbourne-based ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeon with a focus on paediatrics.

He performs a wide variety of ear, nose and throat surgeries from tinnitus, hearing loss, cochlear implants and sleep apnoea procedures. He also performs earwax removal, treats earaches, nasal fractures, breathing problems, deviated septums, swallowing disorders, nosebleeds, snoring and voice disorders. He also removes tonsils and adenoids.