Virtual Visitor Program

VV program

Virtual Visitors

During the outbreak of COVID-19, it is unfortunately necessary to restrict hospital visiting. We understand this may cause disappointment but the safety of our patients, staff, and the community is our highest priority. We recognise that keeping patients and their loved ones in contact is important and we encourage video and telephone calls during this time.

Virtual visits are a great way to stay connected to your loved ones and support them during their stay in our facilities. The information on this page will help to make virtual visits.

Patients using their own device

Patients are encouraged to use applications they are familiar with on their own devices (mobile phones and tablets/ipads) for video calls.

  • To access the SVPHM free WiFi please open the WiFi settings on your device and select the STV_Guest WIFI from the WiFi connection options. You do not require a password to access our free WiFi.
  • If you don’t see the option for STV_Guest WIFI, please
  1. Select Add WiFi network and type in STV_Guest (case sensitive)
  2. Select ‘security’ and choose ‘none’
  3. Click next and you will be able to join the STV_Guest Wifi network

Please ensure you clean your personal devise regularly and do not share with other patients. If you have them, we also encourage use of headphones for your video calls

Patients who do not have their own device

To facilitate important interaction between our patients and the people who matter to them, SVPHM are providing a Virtual Visiting program for patients who do not have a phone or tablet of their own. A hospital iPad will be used and the video call facilitated by a member of our virtual visitor program.

For patients

If you would like to video call your friend or family member, please ask to speak to the nurse in charge of the ward you are in. Alternatively you can email and a time will be booked in for you and your loved one.

For family members

If you would like to video call someone in hospital, and the patient does not have their own phone or tablet, please email, and we can arrange a time for this video call for you.

If emailing us, please include:

  • the patient's full name
  • ward and hospital site
  • your contact phone number

The iPads have a range of communication and video call apps available to support the call. A member of our virtual visitor program will call you and discuss your preference at the time of booking. If you don’t currently use, or have not downloaded any video call apps on your device, that’s not a problem. We have a very simple to use option available for you called Health Direct Video call service that does not require any software or application.

The availability of SVPHM devices for virtual visiting is limited and a time must be booked to utilise our virtual visitor program. Visits will be facilitated by member of our virtual visitor team, so rest assured if your loved one is unable to hold a device or operate a device independently we are there to support this.

For your safety, all our devices are cleaned before and after patient or patient environment contact using the required 70% alcohol wipes.

Alternative communication options

Alternatively, if you would like to give a message to a patient, please email and a member of our virtual visitor program will pass this on for you and confirm with you that this message has been given to the patient.

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