Mater Hospital VMO Communications

Mater Hospital, North Sydney

Wednesday 19 May 2021

New Palliative Care Referral Form

A referral can be made for:

  • Specialist medical consults for complex pain and symptom management, end of life care etc.
  • Palliative & Supportive CNC consult for symptom management advice, linkage to community palliative care services etc.
  • Allied health consult for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, pastoral & spiritual care etc.
  • For urgent referrals please call switch 9900 7300 or "9" for the on-call palliative care physician. All other referrals please email/scan to: 
  • Download Palliative Care Referral Form (PDF 329.1KB)

Tuesday 18 May 2021

NSW Health Advises Move to Green Alert

NSW Health has today advised that we are moving to green alert, or low transmission in line with the COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Response Framework. This is effective immediately.
Green Alert Poster and FAQs for your information. (PDF 200.6KB)

VMOs and Staff are no longer required to wear a mask (refer to FAQ for more information), however standard infection control precautions apply, in particular if caring for a suspected COVID-19 patient or when assessing or providing care to any patient with acute respiratory symptoms.

Patients and visitors are no longer required to wear masks, however, if they have a respiratory illness they should continue to wear masks and normal COVID-19 entry screening still applies.

Friday 23 April 2021

Electronic Discharge Summaries of Overnight Patients to My Health Record

This week the Mater Hospital will begin uploading electronic discharge summaries of overnight patients to My Health Record.  My Health Record provides a vital source of information for healthcare professionals and their patients enabling continuity of care between the hospital health system and community care.

National healthcare standards and Private health Insurance contracts now require GPs & Patients receive an electronic Nursing Discharge Summary.
Sample discharge summary. (PDF 859.9KB)

To support our Nursing and Allied health staff with this new way of documenting, a staged roll out is planned.

Orthopaedic wards will go live Tuesday the 27th of April and all wards will be uploading by the 1st of July.

Before accessing My Health record ensure you have completed the required training. 

Tuesday 1 December 2020

New Policy: Management of Acute Deterioration in Mental State.

A policy focusing on the management of acute mental health deterioration in patients has recently been approved and published by the Mater Hospital.  

Management of acute deterioration in mental state. (PDF 423.3KB)

In recent times events in the facility have included mental health deterioration in in-patients, visitors and staff members. As a result, we believe the guidance provided in this document has relevance for all practitioners and we encourage you to become familiar with it. If you have any questions about the content please contact Dr Maree Bellamy (Director Medical Services) on 0414 191 018 or the Executive Suite on ground floor.