Paediatric and Adolescent Upper Limb Problems – a very sub-specialised field

By Dr Kemble Wang

Growing bodies present different challenges

Dr Kemble Wang has recently joined the team at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, East Melbourne and Kew campuses. He is an upper limb orthopaedic surgeon with a very sub-specialised interest in paediatric and adolescent upper limb conditions.

“Upper limb problems in children and adolescents form a very small and niche area within the general orthopaedic field,” Dr Wang says. “Some conditions are quite unusual and require a very different, child-friendly perspective”.

“The unique thing about children is that there is a 4th dimension to their problems – that of growth. Sometimes, growth can be your friend and make the problem better over time. Other times, it is your enemy and can worsen conditions. Failure to take this into account can result in unnecessary operations or missed windows of opportunity to intervene.”

Dr Kemble Wang works publicly at the Royal Children’s Hospital and Eastern Health. Privately he works at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in East Melbourne and Kew. Dr Wang has undergone multiple subspecialty fellowships including in adult upper limb surgery, pediatric orthopaedic surgery, and pediatric upper limb surgery training. His credentials include being a graduate of the Harvard University Clinical Fellowship program at Boston Children’s Hospital, USA, as well as an undergraduate degree through the University of Melbourne.

Dr Wang is happy to be contacted by patients or referrers to discuss any problems or concerns.


Dr Kemble Wang
M: 9928 6968

Dr Kemble Wang
Dr Kemble Wang is an Australian and American-trained orthopaedic surgeon with a subspecialty interest in the upper limb, particularly the reconstruction of shoulder, elbow and wrist conditions in young patients. Dr Wang practices privately in the Melbourne Orthopaedic Surgeons group and publicly at the Royal Children’s Hospital and Eastern Health.

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