St Vincent’s Kids: Limb-Lengthening Surgery

By SVHPEM staff

Approximately 6 out of 10,000 babies in Australia are born with upper or lower limb reductions

Previously, this meant amputation or lifelong disability, but today, with surgical innovations that harness the body’s capacity to create new bone and to heal, children can go on to live full, able-bodied lives. 

Complex paediatric limb reconstruction or lengthening surgery is performed at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in East Melbourne. Our well trained and experienced team of specialist paediatric surgeons, nursing staff and physiotherapists work together in the St Vs Kids Unit and provide expert care of children and families undergoing these surgeries including prehabilitation through to rehabilitation post surgery. At St Vincent’s Private Hospital East Melbourne, patients and  families benefit from the consistency and warmth of care they receive from the dedicated staff who value the relationships formed, sometimes over many admissions. 

St V’s Kids paediatric unit treats a wide range of congenital and acquired limb length discrepancies, including:

  • Fibular hemimelia
  • Focal femoral deficiency
  • Hemihypertrophy
  • Dysplasias
  • Limb reductions resulting from trauma or infection

Enquire about our specialty paediatric services today as we welcome you and your child to explore opportunities for us to give you the best of care for a full recovery.

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