We have immunologists with expertise in all aspects of immunology

St Vincent’s Private Hospitals offer a wide range of immunology related services, for details of the immunology services at your local St Vincent’s Private Hospital, click here.

Our immunologists treat autoimmune disease, immunodeficiency and allergies

Our immunologists study, diagnose, treat, and help to prevent immune system disorders.

The immune system protects us from infections and cancers. When the immune system is underactive, you can suffer repeated or chronic infections or other problems.

An overactive immune system can lead to allergies, sinus disease, asthma, hives and eczema. Other diseases caused by an overactive immune system include lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and vasculitis.

Our immunologists

Our immunologists diagnose and treat autoimmune disease, immunodeficiency and allergies.

Our immunologists are amongst Australia’s leading and most respected practitioners, who have all undergone a rigorous process of assessment prior to gaining admitting privileges to our hospitals.

Asthma and allergy

Please check your relevant hospital below for their specific services. **Not all services are available at all hospitals.

Asthma is very common, affecting around 10% of Australians. Causes that trigger asthma symptoms or asthma attacks include allergens, infections, exercise, cold air, changes in temperature and cigarette smoke. Around 80% of people with asthma have positive tests to allergens.

If your asthma is poorly controlled despite regular use of asthma medications, you need to consider consulting an immunologist who can help you with management and education.
Your GP can refer you to an immunologist.


This information is of a general nature, which may not be relevant to you. Any surgery or invasive procedure carries risk. We encourage you to speak with your doctor about your condition.

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Your surgeon will recommend an immunologist.

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