Patient Information Guide Leaving hospital

Leaving hospital

Discharge Plan

We want to help ensure that your transition from hospital is smooth and safe. Preparing to leave hospital – also known as discharge planning – begins when you’re admitted to hospital. It helps to ensure that you and your family have all the information you need to leave hospital safely and confidently.  

Once your doctor has advised us of your discharge, Your nurse will provide you with a discharge plan that includes:

  • An evaluation of your condition by your health care team
  • A plan for going home or transfer to another health care facility. This may include prescriptions for your medications and a referral letter to your general practitioner
  • Our recommendations for any extra support you will need at home
  • Referrals for home care and other community health care support you may need
  • Arrangements for follow-up appointments and tests (patient to arrange appointment with their specialist)

We’ll talk to you about your discharge care plan and answer any questions or concerns you and/or your family may have. We’ll also provide you with written discharge instructions. Before you’re discharged, make sure that you feel confident with how to manage your wound, showering, taking medications, and any other home-care instructions.  

Discharge Time

Discharge Time

Discharge time is 10.00am daily. When packing your belongings, remember to take home any medications including new antibiotics or pain relief, valuables and personal belongings including phone chargers. Please pre-arrange for someone to take you home and care for you on discharge. If you are unable to be collected by 10.00am, you may be asked to move to an alternate location as our nurses and housekeeping staff will need to prepare the room for the next patient and ensure their surgery is not delayed. 

If you are discharged on a weekend or a public holiday, there may be some delays in sourcing equipment and medications. We will endeavour to have everything organised for you the day prior or as soon as we can.

When leaving your room, please let your nurse or the Ward Clerk know when you are leaving the ward and please visit the Admissions/Patient Services desk located on the ground floor near the front entry to finalise your account. 

Discharge Checklist

On discharge day, please remember to take with you the following, where applicable:

  • X-rays, scans and ultrasound films
  • Details of your next appointment (patient to organise with their specialist)
  • Any medication which was brought into hospital, as well as any new treatment
  • A letter for community services
  • A nursing discharge summary
  • Personal items from your room
  • All prescribed medications collected from pharmacy
Discharge Checklist


Prior to discharge, our nurses will coordinate with Epic Pharmacy to ensure you receive all required medication or scripts to take with you when you leave the hospital. 

Goals of Care

We are committed to working together with you to create the best experience for you and your loved ones during your stay at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside. We welcome any feedback, positive or negative as it provides us with valuable information and assists us in improving patient care and our services. We encourage you to share with your nurses what is important to you during your stay through our What Matters to You cards or via the Communication Board in your room. 

This could be something very specific such as ‘It’s important to involve my daughter in discussions about my care’, or something more general such as ‘I want to be well enough to attend my granddaughter’s wedding’. Sharing your goals will enable our team to offer more personalised care. 

You can also provide feedback by:

  • Completing the Feedback Survey form in your room. All patients will also receive an SMS survey three days after leaving hospital. Please note however that we prefer to address any concerns you have whilst you are still an inpatient in our care. 
  • Speaking directly to staff caring for you or the Nurse Unit Manager. 
Goals of Care
Settling Your Accounts

Settling Your Accounts

Before you leave the hospital, you will need to settle your account for any items not payable by your health fund. Our Patient Services Team will explain your account and are located on the ground floor near the front entry.

Accounts from Medical Imaging and Pharmacy

It is possible that during your stay in hospital, some medications and medical imaging may not be covered by your health fund and you will receive an account from Epic Pharmacy and/or Lumus Imaging. 

These accounts are separate to any accounts that may be settled at the hospital reception and can be paid via bay, credit card or over-the-counter at Epic Pharmacy or Lumus Imaging, both of which are located on the Ground Floor next to Zouki Cafe. 

Accounts from Doctors and Specialist Consultants

Services provided from your treating doctors and anaesthetists will send their accounts separately. 

St Vincent's Foundation Queensland

St Vincent’s Foundation Queensland raises funds to supports the vital work of all of the St Vincent’s Health Australia facilities managed in Queensland, including St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside.

The generous support of individuals, community groups, and businesses enables the Foundation to:

  • purchase new medical equipment
  • drive innovation and research
  • improve patient health care
  • educate a new generation of clinicians
  • provide a holistic approach to aged care services that delivers the highest standard of services across community living, independent living and residential living

Support from the community provides excellent, compassionate, research-driven care to our patients and residents, while continuing to strengthen the capacity to care for those who are poor and vulnerable. Learn more about the St Vincent's Foundation Queensland here

St Vincent's Foundation Queensland

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In a rapidly transforming world, St Vincent's has created a refreshed vision and strategy to help shape Australia's health and aged care future.