Important information for all patients

Please read prior to admission

Banding of Haemorrhoids

As part of your colonoscopy today you have had internal haemorrhoids ligated/banded. This is a minor procedure that involves the placement of small rubber bands being positioned around the base of the haemorrhoidal tissue inside your anal canal. The rubber band is designed to strangulate the blood supply to the tissue, causing the haemorrhoid to fall off. This generally occurs 5-10 days post procedure. 

Advice following procedure

You may experience temporary pain, irritation, stinging or general discomfort. This can occur for up to a few days post procedure. General pain relief such as Paracetamol and Ibuprofen can be taken to ease discomfort (please note that pain relieving medication containing codeine can increase risk of constipation). 

Other ways to help relieve pain can include:

  •  lukewarm and salty baths 
  • laying down resting with feet elevated 
  • ice to the area 
  • local anaesthetic gel to the area may help 
  • Anusol or Rectinol ointments may also be used. DO NOT use suppositories! 

Post haemorrhoid ligation you may get the sensation or urge to move your bowels. It is advised to try to resist this urge as straining to pass a bowel motion can dislodge the band. 

It is important to avoid the following 

  • Constipation - remain hydrated and ensure you drink 6-8 large glasses of water, eat a diet high in fibre (fruits, vegetables and cereals) and using stool softeners if necessary (speak to your pharmacist)
  • Strenuous activity - this can cause the rubber bands to fall off 

A nurse from the endoscopy unit will contact you the following day, to see how you are feeling post banding of Haemorrhoids. However, please seek medical advice from your General Practitioner, Endoscopist or St. Vincent’s Emergency Centre if you experience any of the following: 

  • Severe uncontrolled pain 
  • Fever 
  • A large amount of bright red blood loss 
  • Any difficulties passing urine 
  • Severe swelling around the anus 


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