Revolutionary Robotic Navigated Spine Surgery now at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Fitzroy

By SVPHF staff

Revolutionary Robotic Navigated Spine Surgery now at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Fitzroy

St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Fitzroy spinal patientwill now have access to revolutionary robotic navigated spine surgeryutilising the Globus ExcelsiusGPS. The platform assists surgeons to accurately insert screws into spinal boneto immobilise the spine to allow fusion of the bones and accurately insert interbody devices which sit between the spinal bones to promote fusion and restore spinal alignment.  All of which are critical to achieving successful patient outcomes for complex spinal surgery.    


St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Fitzroy is proud to be the first hospital in central Melbourne to offer the Globus ExcelsiusGPS spinal robot navigation platform with the capability to navigate interbody instruments and implants.” said Ms Jenny Gozdzik, General Manager/Director Clinical Services. This state-of-the-art technology assists our neurosurgeons in performing safer and more precise spinal surgery, improving our patient’s quality of life post-surgery.   


Mr David Oehme, Neurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon, who performed the first surgeries using the device, said, “The Globus ExcelsiusGPS is cutting-edge technology that combines advanced robotics and navigation capabilities to assist spine surgeons in performing more accurate and minimally invasive procedures. It allows surgeons to plan and execute spinal surgeries with more precision and control.”   


ExcelsiusGPS empowers surgeons by combining advanced technology with their expertise, ultimately resulting in improved patient outcomes, reduced surgical risks, and higher patient satisfaction.”  


Adjunct Professor Janine Loader, CEO of St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Melbourne, said, “This acquisition is a testament to our commitment to pioneering new technologies, continually enhancing our surgical and medical skill capabilities and providing our patients with excellent care and transforming lives.” 

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