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Welcome to St. Vincent's Specialist Marketing Toolkit

Our leading ­marketing ­offerings aim to improve our specialist's visibility, accessibility to patients, and ultimately supporting a growing referral base.

We understand that to fulfil our mission of providing world class healthcare to our community, we must actively support growth initiatives of our specialist practices, in all ways, including marketing.

All practices are different, and within this portal you will discover different opportunities available to specialist practices in a range of ways to suit them.

  • Specialty specific marketing campaigns/websites with specialist details.
  • Marketing programs targeting common self-funded procedures.
  • Online consultation booking functions for a seamless referral pathway for GPs and patients. 
  • Initiatives to connect you with GP networks to strengthen your referral activity.
  • Opportunities to improve your presence online through a range of web & social media tools.
  • Downloadable guides that enable you to market your practice effectively.

If you have thoughts or ideas about other programs we could look to promote, please reach out to your hospital Business Development teams.

Learn more about our marketing offerings below and find out how you can get involved and benefit from each of these.

Marketing & Growth

Orthopaedics Leadership Program

Launched in February 2022, the Orthopaedics Leadership Program is a brand building and a demand generating program, designed to establish St Vincent’s Private Hospitals as ‘destination of choice’ for orthopaedics, through the promotion of our market-leading facilities, clinicians, and services expertise.

The “Orthopaedics Hub” is the backbone of the program, housing educational, engaging and search-engine optimised content, cementing St Vincent’s expertise and leadership in the field of orthopaedic clinical health.

This content is designed to support patients through all stages of their surgery journey – from initial research, available treatment pathways, information on their operation, what their recovery will look like and life after their joint replacement.

The content marketing strategy is critical for success of this campaign. If you are interested in creating or reviewing content for inclusion in the Orthopaedics Hub, please contact the Business Development Manager at your primary hospital.

Orthopaedics Leadership Faqs

The campaign offers numerous benefits to your practice through improving your online presence and driving traffic both to St Vincent’s Private Hospitals and to your specialist profile, from prospective patients actively searching for your practice and specialist orthopaedic care.

The enhanced visibility to a targeted audience builds awareness and recognition, as well as competitive advantage, meaning patients will be interacting with SVHA and your practice ahead of others.
The campaign is predominantly digital at this stage, with the SVHA contact centre triaging all enquiries received.

As at December 2023, digital advertising from the campaign has been viewed over 1.1m times – and has generated 78,000 clicks and over 300 hospital admissions nationally.

On average, the Orthopaedics Hub has over 4,500 visitors per month and over 1,800 prospective patients have submitted an enquiry.

A strong content marketing component underpins the Orthopaedics Hub, and this organic search-first strategy has delivered consistent growth in digital search market share for SVHA. Australian consumer research indicates 69% of patients say they do research online to understand their symptoms and treatments. Patients are taking their health in their own hands and SVHA is leveraging this emerging trend.

St Vincent’s remains the only national hospital – group and independent – to create a content-rich, digital experience of this calibre, that focusses on educating and empowering the prospective patient. St Vincent’s is now outperforming digital giants Mayo Clinic, Health Direct and The Rothman Orthopaedic Institute in 20+ key search terms in the hip and knee orthopaedic space.
The St Vincent’s Digital Assistant (Chatbot) is an AI-driven technology, designed to simulate conversation with the end-user.

The end-user initiates a conversation by entering in their name, contact details, and answering questions regarding their enquiry. Based on these responses, the Chatbot then directs them to a page within the website that is best placed to provide the information sought. The end-user is then given the option to indicate whether their enquiry has been resolved. If it has not, the enquiry is escalated to a “human” at our national contact centre, who respond to the end-user within one business day, and work with St Vincent’s Private Hospitals to provide a resolution.

Self Funded Product Campaigns

As the number of uninsured (or underinsured) patients in the community continues to grow, St. Vincent’s is committed to improving the awareness and accessibility of our services and specialists to these patients. We are continually working with our facilities and specialists to identify opportunities to market our services to self-funded patients, in the form of online, price transparent marketing campaigns.

Product Campaign Examples

Product Marketing FAQs

Doctors are only required to provide their surgical fees for the specific service we are looking to market. These fees won’t be displayed publicly, and only provided to patients who enquire directly with the hospital via our marketing.
In most instances we create a fixed rate hospital packages, but this will only apply to patients who meet the criteria for a low complexity, standard surgery.
Our marketing channels are a way for patients to be provided with a fee estimate/guide for their surgery. Formal quotes will come via the existing financial processes following their VMO consultation and treatment plan finalisation.
Please communicate any opportunities or ideas you may have to your Business Development Manager.
Typically, we would look for procedures that meet the following criteria:
  • They have significant public wait lists
  • Existing self-funded activity within our hospitals
  • Low complexity, somewhat easy to standardise
  • Affordable / justifiable for self-funding patients
  • Growth benefits for the hospital and specialists
While we service self-funded patients for most of the procedures done at St. Vincent’s hospitals, our marketing campaigns are limited to those that we identify as providing good opportunity for growth of our hospitals and specialists
Fees will only be accessible to patients by submitting enquiries via our marketing channels. Fees will not be shown publicly on the website. Once a patient has submitted an enquiry requesting a fee estimate, they will be provided this via direct email with clear information stating that this is just a guide and that fees will be finalised once the patient has been through the necessary steps with their surgeon.
If you would like to express interest in participating in one of these programs, please contact your Business Development Manager.

St Vincent’s Priority

St Vincent’s Priority is an online referral service which enables patients and GPs to view available specialist appointment times online, in real time, and make instant bookings for a VMO at our private hospitals.

The service provides more convenient access to care for patients, offers a streamlined digital referral pathway for GP's and delivers ongoing lead generation for a VMO and their practice, in an increasingly challenging private health market.

Referral paperwork, scans and test results can be attached electronically with the booking and to the appointment in your Practice Management Software. GPs can be notified on the patient's progress from booking through to consultation, helping them to remain part of the patient's care journey.

Participate in St Vincent’s Priority – with “Book now” functionality available on your specialist profile page and practice website, you can increase booking consults for your practice. Many prospective patients are looking to book in for a specialist consult immediately from their initial search, so providing them with this option, rather than taking an extra step in calling your practice, by helping to create a seamless, digitised patient experience.

St Vincent's Priority FAQs

You'll have the opportunity to grow your business: With over 55% of online bookings made after hours, St Vincent’s Priority allows 24/7 access to specialists in real-time. Leverage the thousands of patients searching St Vincent’s Priority every month and put your practice in front of more potential patients.

You'll benefit from free marketing to you and your practice: We’re not only investing in the setup of the technology, but also in dedicated marketing programs to ensure you’re top of mind for GP’s when they make decisions and for patients when they are searching for specialist healthcare.

Your staff will have less administration: With a streamlined referral process and an ongoing stream of lead generation, St Vincent’s Priority allows you and your staff more time to focus on delivering patient care.

You can register your interest to participate here. Once you have done so, a MyHealth1st representative will be in touch to arrange a meeting with you to answer any questions you have regarding St Vincent’s Priority.

Your staff will have less administration: With a streamlined referral process and an ongoing stream of lead generation, St Vincent’s Priority allows you and your staff more time to focus on delivering patient care.
Most of us will use online booking services in our day to day lives without thinking about it – like Expedia to book our latest holiday or Ticketek to book concert or theatre tickets. It’s more the norm now to have online services so that consumers can choose to interact with organisations at a time that suits them. St Vincent’s Priority enables us to simply capitalise on natural consumer behaviour and give our patients and GP’s more choice about how they access our specialists. We’ve also seen this validated by uptake of the service – more than 90,000 visitors in the first year to the service and over 10000 bookings to date.
Online appointments are designed to work for you, from your PMS calendar. With a direct integration, there is no additional admin required - giving your staff more time to focus on face to face patient service and less time on booking administration.
Only available appointment slots in the PMS can be seen by MyHealth1st’s platform. This means that patient data, offline appointment details or scheduling commitments are completely out of view from MyHealth1st. As each specialist has their own set of discrete needs, the service can be customised to reflect:
  • The length of appointments, e.g. 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, 90 min intervals.
  • The practice policies, such as the type of patients you wish to see, or your costs per appointment and cancellation policies. These appear at the beginning of the booking form. Booking confirmation emails will also reiterate the practice policies.
  • Practice and practitioner profile description.
There is a one-off integration setup cost that is dependent on the number of practice locations you have - which St Vincent's will pay (limited time offer). Thereafter, there is a monthly subscription fee of just $75 + GST to enable you to take online bookings on both St Vincent’s Priority and the MyHealth1st marketplaces, as well as enabling your own practice website to take bookings. You will be supported by dedicated customer service and IT teams throughout the onboarding process and throughout your subscription to the service.

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Building GP Networks

Connecting with GPs

At St Vincent’s Private Hospitals we know how important the GP and Specialist relationship is in caring for patients. We offer educational programs and events that promote a strong line of communication between referring GPs, St Vincent’s Private Hospitals, our surgeons and physicians. As Major Providers with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, St Vincent’s Private Hospitals provides our local GP’s with high quality, accredited education featuring our Specialists across many specialities.

GP engagement opportunities include:

  • Practice Visits (small group networking and education)
  • Face to Face GP Education Events (evening dinner events, symposiums) 
  • On demand webinars
  • Zoom webinars & Lunch n Learns 
  • Podcasts


GP Elevate

St Vincent’s Elevate GP Education Program is a GP Education and Engagement initiative. The goal of the program is to offer General Practitioners within our Private Hospitals Network access to high quality education via face to face, symposiums, and now on demand webinars. Our portal allows GPs to log in and access resources helpful to their practice, along with 24/7 access to frequently updated and RACGP accredited educational videos.

Participating VMOs can educate and connect with GPs in person or virtually and gain exposure to a national audience via our on demand recordings. 

GP Contacts

St. Vincent’s Web Tools


Specialist Profiles

All St. Vincent’s credentialled specialist are featured with a profile on our website. GPs and patients regularly use our Find a Specialist tool within the site to search for specific specialists and referral options to our facilities.

Creating or updating profiles

If you are a new specialist and need a new profile created, please complete, and submit the form below.

New Specialist Profile Request

Social Media Content

All St. Vincent’s Private Hospitals have active social media profiles to promote and showcase our facilities and share content relating to our specialists. From breakthrough surgeries to incredible patient stories, we are always on the lookout for exciting stories and awareness content to share with our social media community.

If you would like to be featured on our social media channels, choose your facility below and get in touch with the relevant marketing team member.

website content

Website Content

The St. Vincent’s Private Hospital’s websites contain news stories and engaging content aimed at potential patients and GPs. From breakthrough surgeries to incredible patient stories, we are always keen to share with our community the amazing work completed by St. Vincent’s specialists and our staff.

If you have a story you would like to see featured online, choose your facility below and get in touch with the relevant marketing team member.

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Practice Builder

Download Self-Marketing Guides

Effective marketing has become an essential tool for doctors and medical practitioners. The ability to connect with patients, improve visibility, and provide valuable information is paramount. Below we have provided some guides to assist practices in their marketing efforts including website construction and improvement, search engine optimization (SEO), harnessing the power of Google Business, and social media.

These guides offer valuable insights to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare marketing. Whether you're looking to establish a robust online presence or enhance your existing strategies, these resources are designed to empower you with some helpful tips to thrive in today's digital age.


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