Meet the practitioners and facilitators of the services, therapies and programs at the Centre for Wellbeing. They are all highly experienced in their fields, and have extensive additional training in supporting those experiencing cancer.   


Natasha Cauchi, Physiotherapist

Natasha is a physiotherapist, Pilates instructor and former elite gymnast who has a great understanding of how the body moves and how it can heal itself. Natasha provides accurate, holistic programming and coaching for her patients. 


Amanda Hannaford, Osteopath

Amanda is an osteopath specialising in the treatment of scar tissue and induration in breast cancer patients. She is renowned for her unique treatment approach for the hard lumps, bumps and ridges that may be left behind in the breast and axilla (armpit) after surgery and radiation therapy. She also cares for breast reconstruction patients in their recovery with issues such as capsular contraction. As a breast cancer patient herself she also offers insight and empathy for her patients during this challenging time.


Heather York, Physiotherapist

Heather is a Physiotherapist and Accredited Lymphoedema Practitioner. She is passionate about breast cancer rehabilitation and providing personalised care for those undergoing their cancer journey. Outside of work she enjoys ocean swimming and travelling with her family. 


A/Prof Byeongsang Oh, Integrative Oncology

Associate Professor Oh is an integrative oncology practitioner (evidence based complementary medicine) with clinical and research interests in acupuncture, lifestyle medicine, and gut health including oncobiome. He has research and clinical experience at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School (HMS), USA. 


Anna-Louise Moule, Exercise Physiologist

Anna-Louise is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist specialising in oncology and the management of chronic conditions through exercise and lifestyle management. She uses evidence-based practice to translate the latest research and guidelines to practical exercise strategies. 


Brendan Cummins, Exercise Physiologist

Brendan is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist passionate about applying prescriptive exercise and advice to help others, particularly those that are faced with significant health challenges. He has worked in various sectors of the health industry both here in Australia and in the UK.

With the increased understanding and evidence for exercise and its application to helping those with cancer, Brendan has been involved in coordinating various exercise oncology programs aimed at optimising health and functional outcomes for those mid-treatment and in their recovery.


Jane Freeman, Cancer Dietitian

Jane is a highly credentialed cancer Dietitian, trained cook and award-winning cancer book author. She is a passionate advocate for the inclusion of expert dietary advice as part of the overall treatment for cancer. People who see Jane feel empowered to shop, cook and balance their needs to support treatment, weight management and other health issues. Jane recently completed ALMA lifestyle medicine board certification and is known for a supportive and holistic approach.


Emily Dylan, Consulting Psychologist

Emily provides specific strategies to assist with changes in mood, sleep, energy levels and anxiety/fears of recurrence which are common concerns for those living with health issues.  Emily’s warm and pragmatic approach draws upon research-based CBT, ACT, Schema and mindfulness strategies as well as her 20 years of experience as a practising Psychologist. 


Rebecca Della-Franca, Massage Therapist

Rebecca is a level 4 hospital trained Oncology massage therapist with over 20 years massage experience. For the last 8 years solely working with cancer and palliative patients.  

Becks graceful and flowing style of massage eases pain, restrictions and anxiety, increasing quality of life and movement. Allowing people to reconnect with their body and breathe with more ease.

Dependant on particular needs, your session may also include; Myo fascial release, Reflexology, Scar tissue Release, Manual lymphatic drainage or Cranio sacral therapy. 


Ki Kwon, Acupuncturist

Ki is an acupuncturist with keen interest in helping people live well with cancer. He incorporates the latest research and traditional principles to help manage the symptoms of cancer and cancer-related treatments (such as pain, fatigue, neuropathy, hot flushes, nausea). His research interests involve using acupuncture to help manage multiple, inter-related symptoms, and improve the quality of life in people with cancer.


Kylie Lynch, Counsellor

Kylie offers empathetic support in a confidential and safe environment from an integrative, person-centred approach. A breast cancer survivor herself, Kylie genuinely understands how we cannot always control what happens to us, but we can learn to control how we respond by developing self-awareness and empowerment to assist you through life’s challenges and transitions.


Johanna Forsyth, Reflexologist

A gentle and deeply relaxing touch therapy that assists in managing side effects and symptoms of cancer treatment.

Reducing stress and anxiety levels, allowing space and time to ground and balance the mind and body.

Johanna offers foot, hand and facial reflexology sessions.


Kaye Oakley, Yoga Therapist

Kaye is a qualified Yoga Therapist, teaching yoga for over twelve years. She has trained in a variety of yoga styles including bringing yoga to cancer patients and survivors with Adore Yoga and the Give Back Yoga. Her classes are a soft place to land in the midst of diagnosis, treatment & survivorship. Kaye brings the ancient wisdom of yoga with a compassionate & down to earth attitude; giving patients tools they can use to navigate their cancer journey with greater calm, ease and equanimity.


Caroline Bernardi, Guided Meditation Facilitator

Caroline adopted guided meditation as part of a holistic approach to her own illness after she was diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer in 2008.  She leads patients into a space of pause and calm, offering skills to assist with anxiety, sleep, pain and general wellbeing. 


Fiona Fitzpatrick, Art Therapist

Fiona is a certified Art Therapist and counsellor with many years’ experience working in various oncology settings and a passion for helping people use creative and therapeutic processes to feel better. For over a decade she has provided individual, family and group art therapy to people affected by cancer. 

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