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Patricia Ritchie Centre

The Patricia Ritchie Centre for Cancer Care & Research

The Patricia Ritchie Centre is a 12-chair private cancer and ambulatory care service within the grounds of the Mater Hospital. It is staffed by a dedicated professional group of nurses, with a wealth of expertise.

This team works closely with the patient’s oncologists and haematologists to provide personalised care and support to achieve the desired goals.

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  • Infusions for oncological and haematological malignancies (e.g. outpatient chemotherapy, immunotherapy, non-cytotoxic cancer treatment)
  • Non-malignant haematology (e.g. blood transfusions, iron infusions)
  • Scalp cooling to help prevent hair loss during chemotherapy treatment
  • Clinical trials for breast cancer and melanoma
  • Medical infusions to treat gastroenterology conditions
  • Venesection (e.g. for hemochromatosis)

Your Treatment

Our team understand that it is a challenging time for our patients and we have a warm supportive and collaborative approach to your care. The centre is designed for the comfort and safety of patients who need medical procedures that require observation for some time, but not an overnight stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Patricia Ritchie Centre Details


13 Gillies Street, Wollstonecraft, NSW 2065. 

Entry via Mater Hospital main entrance.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday – 8:00am to 4:00pm


(02) 9900 7640 

(02) 9900 7371 After Hours – McAuley Ward 


Centre for Wellbeing

The Centre for Wellbeing offers physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing services to all Mater patients and their carers throughout the cancer journey. Come and experience the calm serenity, engage in supportive group programs, reset your mind with meditation, move your body with an exercise or yoga class, or experience our integrative wellbeing therapies.

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The development of the Patricia Ritchie Centre was made possible due to the generous support of the Friends Of The Mater Foundation.

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