Weight loss surgery

Effective ways to lose weight long-term

St Vincent’s Private Hospitals offer a wide range of Bariatric related services, for details of the Bariatric services at your local St Vincent’s Private Hospital, click here.

Weight loss surgery can be a solution when obesity is adversely affecting your health

From diabetes to infertility — obesity can affect your health and quality of life. According to the World Health Organisation, overweight and obesity play a role in 44% of people with diabetes, 23% of people with ischaemic heart disease and 7% to 41% of those with certain cancers. Losing weight can help reduce the risks associated with these conditions. Weight loss can help reduce sleep apnoea, snoring, joint pain and problems getting pregnant.

If you have a lot of weight to lose in order to improve your health or quality of life— and you’ve tried and failed to do it with diet, exercise and medication — weight loss surgery may be an option for you. Your doctor can recommend a treatment option that’s best for you, whether it be surgical or non-surgical.

Weight loss surgery, (also known as bariatric surgery) is increasing in Australia as research confirms its effectiveness. It can be an effective way to permanently lose weight and reduce the health risks associated with obesity. It’s important for everyone carrying too much weight be familiar with the range of treatment options available, including weight loss surgery.

Bariatric surgery in progress

Our weight loss surgeons

Our weight loss surgeons include general and upper GI surgeons skilled in a range of upper gastrointestinal procedures as well as minimally-invasive keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery and bariatrics.

Our weight loss surgeons are amongst Australia’s most respected practitioners, who have all undergone a rigorous process of assessment prior to gaining admitting privileges to our hospitals.

Before and after your surgery, your specialist may involve other professionals in your care. They may include a dietitian, a psychologist, an exercise physiologist and/or a weight loss physician.

Our Services

Please check your relevant hospital below for their specific services. **Not all services are available at all hospitals.

  • Nutritional review
  • Assessment by weight loss physician
  • Assessment by exercise physiologist
  • Sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve)
  • Gastric bypass
  • Laparoscopic gastric banding (lap band surgery) 
  • Removal of lap bands
  • Removal of lap bands
  • Revision (re-do) surgeries
  • Intragastric balloons 
  • Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy 
  • Laparoscopic bypass gastrectomy 
  • Roux en Y gastric bypass
  • Single anastomosis gastric bypass

Gastric sleeve

This involves the permanent removal of 85% to 90% of your stomach. The procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic using keyhole surgery.

Although the physical size of your stomach is reduced, the normal direction of the food stream through your stomach and the rest of your intestinal tract is not altered. It simply reduces the holding capacity from about 1.5 litres of food and liquid to approximately 200 mL. This allows you to feel comfortably satisfied and full with a meal size approximately equivalent to a cup of food.

Gastric bypass 

Gastric bypass is one of the most common surgical procedures used in the treatment of obesity. It restricts how much food your stomach can hold and also affects how nutrients are absorbed into your bloodstream. 

This surgery has the highest success rate for the amount of weight lost — making it an option that is commonly recommended for people who need to lose a lot of weight for health reasons.

Gastric banding (lap band) surgery

With this procedure, a band is placed around your stomach, restricting the amount of food it can hold. The surgeon inserts and adjusts the band using keyhole surgery. 

Gastric banding is particularly effective for people with excessive hunger and those who need big portions of food to feel satisfied.

Gastric band removal

Removal of a gastric band can usually done as a ‘keyhole’ procedure. There is an option to convert to a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass at the same time. This is something you can discuss with your surgeon.


This information is of a general nature, which may not be relevant to you. Any surgery or invasive procedure carries risk. We encourage you to speak with your doctor about your condition.

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Our weight loss surgical team includes highly experienced bariatric surgeons, anaesthetists and operating room nursing staff.

To support you following your operation, our ward nurses, physiotherapists and dietitians are here to ensure your safety and optimal care during your stay with us.

Weight loss procedures our surgeons perform:

  • Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy
  • Laparoscopic bypass gastrectomy
  • Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (lap band surgery)
  • Revision (re-do) surgery

Your GP can refer you to one of our weight loss surgeons, alternatively you can contact us directly.

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Our surgical teams include highly experienced bariatric surgeons, anaesthetists and nursing staff, ensuring safety and optimal care during your stay with us.

Weight loss (bariatric) surgery refers to several different operations, usually done laparoscopically (using key hole surgery), to promote weight loss by changing how your digestive system (stomach and/or intestines) work and reducing the amount of food you can eat and digest.

We can provide:

  • Sleeve gastrectomy
  • Roux en Y gastric bypass
  • Single anastomosis gastric bypass
  • Adjustable gastric banding

Your GP can refer you to one of our weight loss surgeons.

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The Mater is the busiest bariatric unit on the North Shore of Sydney, with leading surgeons providing a multidisciplinary approach to care to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our patients come from all around Australia for their weight loss treatment due to the high standard of care provided by our doctors and nurses.

Our surgical teams include highly experienced weight loss surgeons, anaesthetists and nursing staff, ensuring safety and optimal care during your stay with us.

We have a special room service menu for people recovering from weight loss surgery,

Family involvement is encouraged and our surgical team will communicate fully with you and your family members.

Our weight loss surgeons offer a range of surgical options depending on your existing medical conditions and age. To decide which is the best option for you, discuss it with your surgeon.

We offer 3 types of weight loss surgery:

  • Gastric band
  • Gastric sleeve
  • Gastric bypass

Your GP can refer you to one of our weight loss surgeons.

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St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside has specially trained general surgeons who are dedicated to the surgical management of morbid obesity. Together with a team of nurses, dietitians and other health care professionals, our team take a collaborative approach to provide patients with care from diagnosis through to treatment and expert aftercare.

Your GP can refer you to one of our weight loss surgeons.

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At St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Toowoomba our aim is to offer you the best possible care, from preadmission through to your discharge.

We were established in 1922 by the Sisters of Charity and have grown to become the largest acute private hospital on the Darling Downs. It is our mission and absolute privilege to care for your needs.

Our services include medical, surgical, maternity, paediatric, emergency, cardiac, rehabilitation and intensive care.

We are supported by comprehensive allied health services and advanced medical and diagnostic services.

Pathology, radiology and pharmacy are also available on site, and our emergency centre is open 24 hours, seven days a week.

Your GP can refer you to one of our weight loss surgeons.

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