Toowoomba Maternity

Partners can stay with you

Your partner or support person can stay

Partners are welcome to stay overnight, if you are in a private room. Reclining chairs (subject to availability) are provided. A small fee applies.

Partners or support people can’t stay overnight while you are in a shared room. 

Please advise your midwife or nurse as soon as possible, if you would like your partner or support person to stay with you. One adult support person is able to stay in your room.

Registering your support person

Our aim is to ensure your experience with us in truly memorable and enjoyable; however, there will be routines that should not be interrupted. Patients and babies wake, require care and feed often during the night and during these times staff may need to turn on lights to provide care. If your partner/support person needs to work the following day, you should take this into consideration when deciding whether they stay with you. 

We will ask your partner or support person to complete a registration form, so that they understand the conditions for staying overnight and to help us account for them in an emergency.

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Is there an extra cost?

A small fee is charged to cover the cost of overnight accommodation for a partner or support person. Room service is also available for your partner and the additional cost will be added to your hospital account to be paid on discharge. Please note that these fees are not refundable from your health insurer.