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Maternity physiotherapy

Growing a baby can cause many changes in your body

All mothers will receive a routine postnatal visit on the ward by a specialist maternity physiotherapist. Your appointment will usually take place the day after a vaginal delivery or two days after a caesarean delivery. Your visit will include advice on the optimal recovery after delivering your baby.

The physiotherapist will give you information on back care, pelvic floor exercises, general exercise and postural advice. Your physiotherapist will also talk to you about your stomach muscles, how they were affected during pregnancy and ways to promote healing.

If required, some women are given an abdominal support band to assist with their recovery. We may advise that you seek further treatment from a specialist physiotherapist in the community. If so, your physiotherapist will give you additional details.

If you choose an early discharge or move to the Park Hyatt Hotel, you may miss out on a physiotherapy visit. Instead you can have a phone consultation. The midwives at the Park Hyatt can also help.

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