Toowoomba Maternity

Private and shared rooms

Private rooms

You’ll feel right at home

Our beautiful rooms for new mothers are designed to provide a comfortable space where you can get to know your new baby. 

All of our rooms are single private rooms.

All rooms have:

  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Free wifi
  •  Flat screen digital TV 
  • Radio and telephone
  • Cupboard plus lockable bedside drawer or safe

If your partner is staying with you, they can also order a room service meal.

toowoomba maternity room
toowoomba room labour birth

Rooming in

Our aim is to ensure you’re not separated from your baby unless there is a good reason, so we’ll encourage you to care for your baby in your room. Rooming-in will help you develop your parenting skills with the support of our expert midwifery and nursing staff.

It also gives your baby unrestricted access to breastfeeding — enabling your milk supply to establish faster while minimising engorgement (full, painful breasts).

Close contact with your baby is also an important part of bonding with your baby in preparation for going home.