Mater Maternity

Private rooms

100% Private rooms

We offer private rooms for all mothers and partners.

Our beautiful rooms for new mothers are designed to be family-friendly and provide a comfortable space where you can all get to know your new baby.

Partners are welcome to stay overnight, free of charge, for the duration of your hospital stay.

Mater private room

Rooms feature

  • Private ensuite bathroom
  • Panoramic views (from most rooms)
  • Free wifi
  • Flat screen digital TV with a 24-hour maternity education channel
  • Radio and telephone
  • Bar fridge
  • Cupboard plus lockable bedside drawer or safe.
  • Lounge chair that converts into a fully-flat bed, so your partner can stay overnight.
room service

Room service for your partner

Your partner can also order a room service meal or packages

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Luxury double suites for couples

A limited number of luxury double suites are available 

The double suites are designed to allow couples to stay together as a family unit, sharing the special moments of your baby’s first few days.

There is an additional cost of $110/night for a double suite which is not refundable by health funds. This cost includes a double bed and all partner meals and is payable at discharge.

Double suites cannot be pre-booked, and are subject to availability on admission. Please speak to your midwife if you wish to stay in a double suite.

mater luxury double suites