There are a many factors which contribute to your overall costs of orthopaedic surgery. Select your treatment below to find out more.

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How much will my orthopaedic procedure cost?

The costs associated with having surgery are not always easy to understand. Everyone’s surgery journey is different, and costs vary for each patient.

Surgeon’s fees, hospital costs, anaesthetist fees, implants and prosthesis, pathology and imaging all contribute to the overall costs for your orthopaedic treatment. 

If you hold private health insurance, you’ll need to check with your provider what is and isn’t included in your level of cover, and what your out-of-pocket costs may look like. 

If you are a self-funded patient, you can obtain a quote from your St Vincent’s Private Hospital of choice.  

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Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)

The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) is a schedule of fees that covers all orthopaedic surgeries as set out by the Australian Government. It lists a range of medical consultations, tests and procedures that are covered by Medicare and for which you will receive a level of rebate.

The MBS also determines the level of rebate that patients will receive. This is set out by the government and is paid as a percentage cost of the Medicare Schedule Fee. For medical services performed in hospital, this fee is set at 75% for private patients. Find out some of the common Medicare item numbers applicable to your treatment by selecting your procedure below. Always confirm these codes with your surgeon.

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ACL Reconstruction

ACL reconstruction surgery repairs or replaces the damaged anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Mobility is restored by grafting a tendon from another part of your body.

Common Medicare item numbers
To claim your Medicare rebate, you will need to ask your surgeon for the item number(s) which relate to your procedure.
Procedure(s): ACL reconstruction
Item code(s): 49542, 49539

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