Our inpatient facility has 20 single rooms and a multidisciplinary team who provide a comprehensive program to engage patients in their mental health care. 

If you’re coming to stay with us at Uspace for your treatment, you are what we refer to as an inpatient. 

Our inpatient services involve:

  • A comprehensive assessment.
  • Patient-centred treatment planning including individual and group interventions.
  • Transition back to regular care or ongoing monitoring through our day programs or outpatient program. 
  • Psychoeducation and support for families of those under our care. 

You can be admitted to our inpatient facility from the age of 16. At any one time there are up to 20 young people in the unit and the average length of stay can be up to three weeks.

Where to go for admission

On the day and time of your admission to Uspace, please head to the reception desk of St Vincent's Private Hospital Sydney, located in the main entrance of the private hospital. 

Please let our team know you are here to stay at Uspace and an Admissions Officer will be organised to meet you to complete the required paperwork. They will then escort you to Uspace.

USpace inpatient room

USpace inpatient room

What to expect during your stay

We understand that coming to hospital can be an unsettling experience. Our team are committed to your comfort and safety from the moment you arrive at Uspace. 

On your first day, you will be welcomed by our friendly reception team who will help you complete any remaining paperwork you may have. You will then meet with one our mental health nurses who will show you around Uspace. 

You will have your own room with an en-suite, king single bed, a day bed and space for personal belongings. The environment is designed to ensure your comfort, security and privacy.

What to bring

Clothing and toiletries 

We encourage patients to bring appropriate, comfortable clothing as well as night attire. Please also bring relevant toiletries. Towels and bedding are provided. 

Mobile phones and personal devices

You are welcome to bring your mobile phone and personal devices however, we have specific rules regarding their use. Our team will provide further information. 


While your room will have a secure space for your personal belongings, we encourage patients to not bring valuable clothing, jewellery or electrical appliances as well as large sums of money. USpace is unable to accept liability for loss or damage to personal items.

Prescribed medication

All medication that you bring to Uspace must be given to the nursing staff on arrival. Please advise staff of any allergies or adverse reactions you may have to medication. Alcohol or non-prescribed drugs should not be brought into Uspace by patients or visitors.

Please be advised that our team are required to search your belongings on admission. 

Visitor information

Family and friends are welcome to visit you during your stay at USpace, any day of the week during the following times:

  • 12 - 1pm, for one hour
  • 5.30 - 7.30pm, for one hour

Please be aware of the COVID-19 safety protocols we have in place. 

USpace is located in the O'Brien Building on the St Vincent's Health Campus, right next door to St Vincent's Public Hospital. Inpatient services are located on Level 7 and is accessible via the entrance on the corner of Victoria Street and Burton Street.

Referral process
  • Step 1

    Obtain written referral

    An admission to USpace is voluntary
    and requires a written referral from
    your GP or psychiatrist.

  • Step 2

    Submit referral

    Submit your written referral
    via email to Uspace@svha.org.au.

  • Step 3

    We will contact you for an assessment

    This will be conducted over the
    phone and is to assess your
    suitability for an admission.

  • Step 4

    Your admission

    Our USpace team will contact
    you with further information.

Important information for patients

We encourage you to read through the information below so we can work with you to ensure you are informed and comfortable in our care.

Contact us

For inpatient admission enquires, please contact us via:

Email: Uspace@svha.org.au 

Phone: 02 8382 9770

Fax: 02 8382 9771

Meet our team

Dr Gary Galambos is the Medical Director and a Consultant Psychiatrist for USpace. An experienced psychiatrist with a diverse skill set, Dr Galambos is a passionate educator, clinician and advocate for improved mental health care. You can learn more about Dr Galambos here.
Dr Richard Baker is the Deputy Director and a Consultant Psychiatrist at USpace. He provides psychiatric care for children, adolescents, young adults and their families, and has experience managing anxiety disorders, mood disorders, ADHD, eating disorders, addiction, personality disorders, and psychotic disorders. You can learn more about Dr Baker here.
Prof Brakoulias is a consultant psychiatrist who is internationally recognised for his work with people suffering from obsessive-compulsive and related disorders. He is keen to improve treatment outcomes for people suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder and has been recognised as a pioneer in early intervention for people suffering from this disorder. Read more...
Dr Rakusin is a consultant psychiatrist with a subspecialty interest in Youth Mental Health, she treats those aged 15-30 years, with a clinical focus on personality disorders, psychotic disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, adult-ADHD and youth mental health. She has a particular interest in dynamic psychotherapy.
Read more... 
Dr Nav Gill is a Consultant Psychiatrist at USpace, treating those aged 17-30 years. His clinical focus includes addiction/substance use disorders, adult-ADHD as well as mood, anxiety and psychotic spectrum disorders. You can learn more about Dr Gill here.
A/Prof Brooke Short is a Consultant Psychiatrist at USpace with a clinical focus on mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, OCD, autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. You can learn more about A/Prof Short here

Dr Edema is a consultant psychiatrist at Uspace treating young people aged 16-24 years, with a clinical focus on youth mental health, ADHD, psychotic disorders, personality disorders and mood and anxiety disorders. Dr Edema is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP).

Dr Edema strives to foster a collaborative therapeutic relationship with his patients. He believes in involving the patient's clinical and personal supports whenever appropriate. The treatments and interventions he provides are tailored to each individual and are informed by a comprehensive bio-psycho-social assessment and formulation.  Read his profile

Dr Lisa Parker is the Program Co-ordinator at USpace as well as a clinical psychologist with more than 20 years in inpatient and community service settings. She has extensive experience working with young people who struggle with periods of mental instability and is passionate about supporting them to study their own minds to create wellbeing. Dr Parker’s clinical sensibilities draw on eastern practices.



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