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Postnatal Classes

Mater Maternity postnatal classes are an essential part of your hospital stay, expertly designed to equip our patients with knowledge and tools to help them care for their newborn and themselves. Classes include the transition to home with first baby, the transition to home with a sibling, baby massage and baby bathing and physiotherapy.

Bringing Baby Home– what to expect in the first 12 weeks

This class covers everything parents need to know about:

  • Infant development – what’s happening for your baby in the first three months
  • Settling techniques – ways to help settle and sooth your newborn baby
  • Wellbeing and care for new parents.

Becoming a Big Brother or Sister – assisting siblings to adjust to a new baby

This class is all about giving parents the key information they need to help their older child navigate the big transition that is becoming a big brother or sister.  It covers:

  • How to set your child up for success as you take baby home
  • How to juggle the needs of two or more children at once
  • Ways to make your older child feel connected and included as you settle into home.

Bringing Baby Home and Becoming a Big Brother or Sister classes are taught by Genevieve Muir, Obstetric Social Worker, Parent educator and mum of four.

Daily Bathing Demonstration

Bathing your baby should be a special time for both you and your baby. To make you feel more confident it is advisable that you and your partner attend one or more bathing demonstrations prior to attempting the bathing. The classes are held in the General Nursery. When you decide to bath your baby, a mothercraft nurse will be available to support and guide you throughout the bathing activity.

Baby Massage Class

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9.30am (after the bathing class)

Help your baby learn to recognise your touch and begin to develop a healthy attachment. Learn to respond to different cues from your baby. The class is run by the Maternity Physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy classes (fees may apply)

Learn techniques and exercises to help your body recover after childbirth. Taught by a registered Obstetric Physiotherapist. Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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