There are many treatment pathways available to help relieve the painful symptoms associated with common shoulder conditions.

Other Shoulder Surgeries and Procedures

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Other shoulder surgeries and procedures

In addition to total shoulder replacement, there are many surgeries and procedures available that can help relieve shoulder pain. Our multi-disciplinary teams use a range of investigations and tests to identify any abnormalities so that your specialist can recommend the best treatment pathway for your needs.

Shoulder bursitis surgery
Shoulder bursitis surgery is an arthroscopic procedure to remove a persistently inflamed bursa, smooth out the bone, and create more space for movement to relieve painful symptoms. This procedure is now rarely performed in isolation, as physiotherapy and cortisone injections have been found to improve the condition in most cases.

Rotator cuff surgery
Rotator cuff surgery can help relieve pain caused by a weakened or damaged rotator cuff, and restore the function and flexibility of the shoulder.

Shoulder arthroscopy
Shoulder arthroscopy is used to diagnose and treat a wide range of shoulder problems. A special camera is inserted through small incisions made around the shoulder joint.

Keyhole shoulder surgery
Keyhole surgery is a type of procedure that use tiny cuts and a special camera to investigate and treat problems in your shoulder joint. 

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