Keyhole surgery is a type of minimally invasive procedure that use tiny cuts and a special camera to investigate and treat problems in your shoulder joint.

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What is keyhole shoulder surgery?

Keyhole shoulder surgery, also referred to as arthroscopic or minimally invasive surgery, is a particular type of procedure that examines the insides of your shoulder joint using a series of tiny cuts and a special camera. It is capable of diagnosing and treating causes of prolonged shoulder pain, all within the same operation. If you are suffering from chronic shoulder pain that does not respond to rest or medication, your doctor may recommend Keyhole Shoulder Surgery to investigate the problem. 

During the procedure, fluid is sometimes inserted into the shoulder joint to expand the area and allow better visibility. Further incisions may also be made, depending on the necessary repair and the tools required. On completion, the incisions are closed and if there are no complications you will be discharged the same day.  Keyhole Shoulder Surgery can be used to treat a range of shoulder problems including rotator cuff repair, torn labrum repair, shoulder impingement surgery, shoulder bursitis surgery and bone spur removal.

General recovery times

There are many benefits to having Keyhole Shoulder Surgery. These include faster healing and recovery times, less damage to the skin and soft tissue and a reduced length of stay in hospital. The recovery time is different for each patient, and will depend on their general health coming into the operation, as well as the extent of the repair surgery required. A return to sport and daily activities will also depend on the type of procedure performed.

Any repair will require time to heal and a full recovery can take many months. If your surgery did not require any soft tissue repair, you may not need to wear a sling and movement is encouraged under the guidance of your physiotherapist. If your Keyhole Shoulder Surgery did require some soft tissue repair, you will be encouraged to protect your shoulder joint with a sling until it is fully healed. This can take around 4-6 weeks.

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