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What is revision shoulder replacement?

Revision shoulder replacement is a procedure to replace any parts from the original surgery that are regularly causing discomfort and affecting everyday activities. 

The primary goal of revision surgery is to alleviate any painful symptoms that have returned, and restore range of motion to the shoulder joint. Over time, shoulder replacements can fail for many reasons including infection, scar tissue build up, dislocation or injury. Artificial implants do have a limited lifespan, and after a significant period, the joint may have worn out or loosened and need replacing.

Shoulder revision surgery is usually performed under general anaesthetic and works by removing any scar tissue, stabilising fractures and repairing any damaged tendons that support the joint. Infection can be treated with antibiotics and artificial components are replaced where necessary. Recovery can take slightly longer after revision surgery, and patients are advised to follow the recommended rehabilitation advice before resuming normal activities.

Is it right for me?

If you have been experiencing a return of persistent shoulder pain, stiffness or instability after your original total shoulder replacement procedure, you may benefit from revision shoulder replacement surgery. If your artificial implants are failing, have loosened or become infected, shoulder revision surgery may be required to remove and replace the parts that are no longer working. After performing a physical exam and a series of diagnostic tests, your specialist will be able to help determine what is causing the pain, weakness or limited range of motion.

Your medical history, along with X-ray imaging and CT scans, will help indicate the most effective treatment pathway. During the procedure, your surgeon can also clean up any scar tissue, check for bone damage and manage infection. Revision surgery is generally considered a more complicated procedure, and will only be recommended as a final solution if less invasive treatment such as medication and physiotherapy has not worked.


How much will my shoulder surgery cost?

Understanding the cost of your treatment is an important consideration before committing to surgery, but it’s not always easy to find the information you need. Learn more about the factors which contribute to the cost of your surgery:

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What will my treatment and recovery look like?

Familiarising yourself with your treatment program and understanding the recovery process are important steps to take on the pathway to surgery.

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