There are many procedures available to treat recurring knee pain and relieve symptoms. Find out more about the different treatment pathways available to you.

Other Knee Surgeries and Procedures

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Other knee surgeries and procedures

If your knee condition has not responded to non-surgical methods such as medication or physiotherapy, your doctor may recommend surgery as a way to alleviate pain and repair structural damage.

As well as offering total knee replacement, partial knee replacement and revision knee replacement, there are many other procedures available to treat common knee complaints. Arthroscopic procedures, including ACL reconstruction and partial meniscectomy, are frequently used to treat knee problems related to giving way, pain and locking. Whether your knee condition is caused by injury or wear and tear, talk to a specialist today about the range of treatment options available.

Knee reconstructive surgery

If any part of your knee joint is affected by injury or disease, you may be in need of knee reconstruction surgery to restore function and mobility.

Knee arthroscopy

A knee arthroscopy uses a small camera to view and explore inside the knee joint. Fine instruments can be used to repair and reconstruct where necessary.

ACL reconstruction

An ACL reconstruction removes the damaged cruciate ligament from the knee joint and replaces it with a tendon that is usually grafted from another part of your body.


A meniscectomy is a procedure to repair or remove any damaged tissue that is causing knee pain. The extent of the surgery will depend on the severity of the damage.

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